Face book marketing

 Face book marketing refers to creating and actively using Face book page as a communications channel to maintain contact and attract customers. Face book actively allowing users to create individual profiles or business pages for companies, organizations, or any group to establish a benchmark for a product, service, or brand and to make people aware.

Face book marketing is very cheap in the terms of digital marketing. A business man can advertise his firm or startup through the face book marketing very easily. He can advertise in many ways like he can target customer of a particular area or place.  He can target customer of specific age, gender, occupation. He can advertise by inviting peoples to their page so that they can come to know about the business and can become his/her customer. It is one of the part of social media marketing in digital marketing platform.

There are many ways through which a entrepreneur can advertise to build image in the market to attract more customer towards him/her.

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