Basics Of Email

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E-mail is an acronym for Electronic mail. It is an online message delivery system. Emails are a popular way of sending information because it delivers message to the recipient within seconds of sending it. Emails are usually used to do formal conversation. By means of an email we can send files, images, documents etc.

How to send an Email ?

To send an email, you must have a email-id. You can get a email id from a mail-server. Some of the popular mail-servers are Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc. Once you create a email-id, you can send an email to anybody in the world with a mail-id. You just need their mail-id.

An email address might look like this – “”

Types of Email Accounts
  1. Web-Based: This type of email account are very popular and are used primarily on the web-based interface
  2. IMAP: This type of email-account are used with a mail-client, by IMAP you can read your mails from a web-server.
  3. POP3: These type of email accounts are like IMAP, these are also used with a mail-client. It downloads all the mails on local storage when you are connected to the internet.
Some Tips to Write Effective E-Mails
  • Write a meaningful subject
  • Keep the message focused
  • Don’t over communicate by email
  • Be Polite
  • Proof-read
  • Don’t Use informal language

Email is considered a formal way of conversation. Be careful while using email. Share your funny incidents with email in the comments.

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