Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and customers. Effective marketing emails convert prospects into customers and turn one-time buyers into loyal, raving fans.


 Types of Email Marketing  

  1. Welcome emails
  2. Email Newsletters
  3. Dedicated Emails
  4. Lead Nurturing Emails
  5. Sponsorship Emails
  6. Transactional Emails
  7. Re-Engagement Emails



Sponsorship Emails

If you want to reach a different audience and gain new leads, you might want to try out sponsorship emails with display ads. A sponsorship usually entails you paying to include your copy in another vendor’s newsletter or dedicated send. 

Sponsorship email campaigns are one component of a paid media strategy, which could also include pay-per-click (PPC), display advertising, mobile advertising, affiliate advertising, etc. In this paid media universe you have the benefit of being super specific when describing the target audience you want to reach. 

 Generally, you’ll have to design your email copy or ad placement in alignment with the specifications listed by the vendor. Check if the partner has any size restrictions or image suggestions. Provide them with both the HTML and plain text versions of the copy in advance.

The key element in sponsorship emails is to evaluate the vendor. Make sure you trust that they are a credible partner and they understand your manufacturing business needs (if you’re not already in a business relationship).


Advantages Of Sponsorship Emails


  • Highly Targeted: The biggest advantage of sponsorship emails is that you can be specific in defining the segment you want to reach. Get granular in identifying the different characteristics of your target audience — number of employees, geographic location, interests, and challenges, etc.
  • Exact ROI: There is a very specific investment in sponsorship emails — you know how much you are paying the vendor. Now you only need to track the results you are getting (visits, leads, sales) in order to determine what is your return on the cost you have paid. Knowledge of the exact ROI will help you fit it in your marketing budget and build accurate marketing reports at the end of the quarter.

 Disadvantages Of Sponsorship Emails

  • It’s Paid: Sponsorship emails are being sent to people who you haven’t earned as subscribers (they didn’t opt-in to your list). In this context, you have to pay in order to get content in front of them. Vendors offer different payment packages and here you enter the land of negotiation. Some of the most popular options are paying a flat free, paying based on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) model or paying per new lead acquired.
  • Dedicated Resources: Sponsorship emails and management of the vendor relationship require a big marketing effort and tight control. In addition to brand synergies, you’ll also need to understand the data behind their emails. If your industrial business has a small marketing team, this type of email marketing can be difficult to execute. 



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