Steps to host website on firebase for free :

1. Visit firebase official website.
2. Login using your google account.
3. After login click on Button – “Go to console” at top right corner.
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4. After then click on button named “create a project”.
Get digital with sagar

5. Enter your Project name and click on I accept the firebase terms and click on continue.

6. On next page named ” google analytics for your firebase project” disable it and just click on continue.
7.Now your project will be created.
8. Go to your project.
9. In menu provided at left click on develop, under it click on hosting.

10. Click on get started button.
11. Now follow the steps firebase show’s you

13. After these two steps, at last click on continue to console.

Now your web hosting has been created now its time to upload website to make it live.

How to host website on firebase

1. Create any folder for your website inside any drive you want.
2. Inside that folder create another folder named public.
3. Put your all files of your website inside folder named public(home page must be index.html).
4. Inside public folder open cmd.
5. On Cmd type “firebase login”.
6. After login type “firebase init”.
7. Many options will appear, but select hosting from them using space bar.
8. Type public for your public directory name.
9. Now two times select NO.
10. select your project name from list appear.
11. After completion of initialization, type “firbase deploy” to deploy your files.
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Written by – Sagar Soni


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