We should definitely appreciate the choice that we are able to filter and choose the target audience as per our business requirement or else digital marketing would more or less be same as the traditional marketing.

Digital Ads are not like the magazine or regular-TV ads, instead, they have a variety of options which enables a business or a person to target there audience basis various factors ranging from device selection to various specific audience.

The above media shows different ways in which we can segment our audience and then design a campaign accordingly which at the end increases the chances of conversion, hence generating more business.

Various ways of Audience Sengmentation
  • Demographic Segmentation: This are externally measurable characterstics which are not only limited to places but also includes other choices like income, age, gender, education, maritial status, etc.



  • Active Time: Targeting users basis on there activeness, maybe a particular time of a day or maybe a particular day of a week or a particular period.
  • Behavioral: This is one of the most justified type of segmentation that focuses on the buying pattern of the customer. This can be observed by tracking the last purchase or by browsing history or thru browser cookies.
  • Retargeting: Reaching out again to those customer who had once in anytime visited your website.
  • Market Area: It relates to focusing to a particular geographical area for targeting and measurement.
  • Product Usage: Targeting basis of the product usage by the customer, varying from light usage to heavy usage.
How to know what your customers actually want?
  • Conduct Survey, Ask questions, Get Feedbacks: If you already have a customer base or say mailing list than you can conduct surveys, ask related questions and get feedback to your ideas.
  • Use Previous Data: If you have any previous but not too old database of your business you can analyze it and plan initial strategies to start.
  • Use Facebook Ads to find your audience: By designing various campaigns you can explore the pool of customers.
  • Look at what content is working best: Have a track on various posts or famous pages (which have a certainly bigger audience than you) of same or similar domain as of your business and analyze which kind of media or drafts are getting more customer engagement.

Well, selecting a suitable audience will not only allow you to increase the conversion rate but it will also allow you to conserve or reduce the unnecessary expenditure of resources which was not much effectively possible in traditional marketing.


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Content has a good pitch, helped me with basics too!!

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