Peace, it’s not just a word its within you.your body is kinda system(human mind) it has emotions,thoughts,feeling- imagination.Imagination is one of the focal point of human mind because the things which you unable carry out or the place you can’t take oneself off but your imagination has potential to take you anywhere,and this is one of the best trait of our system as no animal or insect can have imagine capabilities as we human had.But sometimes it is harmful as it takes you to the wrong way.
Every one of us wants to go to the heaven for peace after death,can you visualise the power of human that they had plans for after death for that some of us move to kashi vishwanath to wash away their sins and some move towards the donations but why can’t you  make this life a heaven itself? You only need to focus on your thoughts whether they were making you or breaking you exactly the same case with the emotions.Don’t think more and more about a particular action just make a situation to yourself of do and die and everything will be quite easy.once you had control on your system it will not further make you frail,just try not to get involved emotionally in each and every task or actions.Take your system to the height of strength that your-surrounding events can’t able to suffer you more.
                                                    Ayushi tiwari
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