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Bootstrap is an HTML, CSS and JS framework used for developing responsive and mobile first projects on the web.

Following are the pros and cons of Bootstrap Development, have a  glance at it:

The Advantages of Bootstrap Development are:

  1. Fewer Cross browser bugs
  2. A consistent framework that supports major of all browsers and CSS compatibility fixes
  3. Lightweight and customizable
  4. Responsive structures and styles
  5. Several JavaScript plugins using the jQuery

The Disadvantages of Bootstrap are:

  1. There will be requirement of lots of style overrides or rewriting files that can thus lead to a lot of time spent on designing and coding the website if the design tends to deviate from the customary design used in Bootstrap.
  2. You would have to go the extra mile while creating a design otherwise all the websites will look the same if you don’t do heavy customization.
  3. Styles are verbose and can lead to lots of output in HTML which is not needed.
  4. JavaScript is tied to jQuery and is one of the commonest library which thus leaves most of the plugins unused.
  5. Non-compliant HTML.


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