Among the world of programming languages, if there’s one that has gained cult status in the shortest span of time, it’s Python. Researched by leading web analytics firms have shown that in the year 2016, Python was the most popular coding language capturing the largest share of the programming arena at a strong 26.7% with Java (22.6%) and C++ (9.9%) finishing significantly behind. That’s got to mean something!

Python indeed is a favorite among application programmers as well as web developers (thanks to Django) owing to its strong emphasis on readability and efficiency

Advantages of Python

1. Code written for Python software development is easy to read and you can grasp a lot out of it just by looking at it — no more curly braces and code blocks

2. Its standard library support enables you to execute a lot of complex functionalities easily

3. It supports multiple systems and platforms

4. It is OOP driven, offers good support for objects, modules, and other reusability mechanisms

5. Python web development with Django framework is super smooth. In fact Django is currently the most famous framework for web development

6. It lets you develop quickly with much lesser code

7. It’s scalable and lets you expand even complex applications with ease

8. It provides an in-built testing framework to set debugging time and enable fastest workflows

9. The Python resource library is one of the best among programming languages

10. It integrates easily with other languages

11. It is open source, freely available, and quite stable


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