What is Responsive Web Design ??

Responsive web design is an approach that enables websites to respond to the user’s behavior and all devices regardless of screen size, platform, and orientation. With the rise of mobile internet and other more sophisticated devices, responsive design has become a critical part of IT. Its purpose is to make websites accessible and look good across all devices. That is why Gold Coast solutions provide the most innovative responsive web design solutions for the best user experience.

Why is it so important to make your web designs responsive? | by ...

While a website with responsive design automatically resizes itself in every environment to achieve optimal viewing experience, more than one layout for each screen size is required in adaptive web design. Responsive designs are much harder to create as they have to focus more on the CSS of the website, but they guarantee the flexibility of the website across all devices. It also makes a website load faster through loading the layout that works best on all platforms. On the other hand, adaptive sites’s layouts only work with screens, they’re made for. These designs also load much slower than their responsive counterpart. The layouts for particular screens will take extra time to load.


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