Well, being active on any platform is the key to attract and find new and like-minded customers. The more often you post or update your followers or others on any platform will enable chances of frequent interaction with customers.

After you have registered on Google My Business then you will be able to manage your profile over it which allows you to enter various details that are made visible to customers upon searching.

Lets’ see how these 7 ways could help you optimize the profile:

  1. Completely fill your whole profile: The need here is to provide as many details as possible by you to Google so that with all the relevant information google can match it to customer searches. The more information you are able to put the more chances will be there that google will put you before the most relevant customer searches. So, try to fill out all categories, attributes, contact details, etc. and try using keywords in them too.
  2. Posting News, Updates, and Special Offers: You should try to keep all your business details like address, hours, contact info, etc. up to date and make sure to change or update them in which there is an actual change even temporary. You can also create posts for your business depending upon your goals like whether it delivers some information, or introducing new products or services, or briefing about some special offers or anything else that you would like to deliver to your customers.


3. Adding special features and attributes: You can get to fill various attributes depending upon your business category.

Ex: If your business falls in the Restaurant and Bar category than you will be able to upload menus, show popular dishes, and even add link for online food order.

Similarly, if you fall in the Hotel category you will be able to showcase class ratings, amenities, etc.

Also, Small and medium-sized companies can add product catalogs.

You can also add some factual information like business is Women-led, etc.

If you find that your business falls in these categories but you are not able to see particular options that you might have chosen the wrong category. You are available to choose from 10 different categories.

4. Popping-out with Photos: You can upload a variety of photos about your business, it will help people see what your business is all about. When you create your Google My Business profile, you’ll be able to add a logo and cover photo—much like you would on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. Without these images, it will be harder for people to recognize your brand online.

Show off your location, products, or handiwork by posting additional photos. If you run a restaurant, post pictures of your meals, menus, and dining room. Make sure they look appetizing, professional, and aren’t low res. According to Google, businesses with photos receive 42% more requests for directions, and 35% more clicks through to their websites.

5. Encouraging customers to put reviews: A review is a must to make people understand how well are you doing or to make a decision to either trust your business or not. It is so because a person will trust another person before it could trust your business.

The best time to ask for a review is after providing a great experience. Whether in-store or online, consider sharing a card or e-receipt that asks for a review. Google offers businesses access to a free marketing kit with stickers, social posts, and printable posters.

6. Responding to customer reviews: A response to the review from a business is a good sign of trust for the customers. According to a survey by Google and Ipsos Connect, businesses that respond to reviews are considered 1.7 times more trustworthy than those that don’t.

Positive interactions build loyalty. Remember to respond in your brand voice, and stay respectful and professional. That goes for negative reviews, too. Don’t ignore them. Turn things around by listening and addressing the issues raised.

7. Refine paid and organic reach with insights: Having a profile over Google My Business allows you to keep a track of all your business engagements and customer activity towards it. It is all enabled by Google Analytics.

Track how many customers search for you, call your business, ask for directions, click on your photos, and more. Knowing what keywords, photos, and actions are most popular can help you adjust your profile—and even inform the content you create for social media. Also, it comes with Google Adwords to allow you to design a business campaign to improve engagement and awareness amongst customers.

Hope I didn’t make it complicated for you to understand and it would be easier once you install the application on your device and then try registering your business on it and hence checking the functions during the time.



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