This Specialization aims to make branding concepts accessible to every learner and to teach them to analyze and apply all the relevant concepts, using the broad and diverse toolkit of branding. It provides you with the necessary tools so that you are able to understand the brand behavior, understand the language of a brand and learn about the rational and emotional elements behind brands. It also attempts to make you understand the language of images. The amount of audiovisual content we receive today makes it hard for brands to break through that noise. It ends up teaching how to understand branding efforts in the context of customer experience.

We must think in a strategic manner when creating brands. Branding is about co-creation and conversation between the audiences, customers and users. What is relevant is how people out there perceive and live the brand. Brands are the story, the personality and the culture of an organization; the intangible elements that form it.

Course Overview

Time Period: 2 Months (Approx.)

Hands on Experience of 20+ Tools

Dedicated 1:1 Student Mentor

Case Studies and Live Projects

Variable Pay*

What you’ll learn

  • Create a value proposition for a brand: How it can be positioned and mapped.
  • Learn how to produce meaningful and engaging content.
  • Develop a complete creative pitch.
  • Examine Branding activities through the lens of Customer Experience.

Job Opportunities

Brand Manager, Strategy Creator, Business Specialist, Ecommerce & Web Manager

Who Is This Program For?

Freshers, graduate & undergraduate , Professionals

Minimum Eligibility

  • No experience required
  • Suitable for all types of businesses (digital product, physical product, service, B2B, B2C)

Course Instructor

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Free Plan

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