Flash is a high performance, open-source web application framework. Flash web framework follows the MVT (Model-View-Template) architectural pattern or you can say MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern because the controller is handle by the system. Flash is fast, lightweight, powerful, simple, and easy to use.

It allows users to create web applications in an easy and simplest way, in the framework users can create their own services and library.


  • Fast and powerful web framework.
  • Extremely Light Weight.
  • MVT Architecture.
  • You can build RESTful APIs faster.
  • Security and XSS Filtering.
  • Simple and easy to learn.
  • Easy to deploy on any server.


Flask is a micro web framework written in Python. It is classified as a microframework because it does not require particular tools or libraries. It has no database abstraction layer, form validation, or any other components where pre-existing third-party libraries provide common functions.

Flask is considered more Pyhonic than the Django web framework because in common situations the equivalent Flask web application is more explicit. Flask is also easy to get started with as a beginner because there is little boilerplate code for getting a simple app up and running.


If you’re developing a web app in Python, chances are you’re leveraging a framework. A framework “is a code library that makes a developer’s life easier when building reliable, scalable, and maintainable web applications” by providing reusable code or extensions for common operations.


This series is designed to help developers answer that question by comparing those four frameworks. To compare their features and operations, I’ll take each one through the process of constructing an API for a simple To-Do List web application. The API is itself fairly straightforward:

  • New visitors to the site should be able to register new accounts.
  • Registered users can log in, log out, see information for their profiles, and edit their information.
  • Registered users can create new task items, see their existing tasks, and edit existing tasks.


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