Java programming language was developed by Sun Microsystem in 1995. Sun Microsystem was later acquired by Oracle in 2010 thus now Oracle owns Java. During these past more than 24 years of its journey Java has emerged as the foundation of most of the networked applications today and it has proved that it is highly useful for enterprise software, mobile applications, web scripting games and embedded systems. Java has been used to build so many banking and financial applications which are running in so many banks all over the word. Java is also being used by big enterprises like Amazon, Google and Facebook therefore Java is considered as one of the best option for enterprise and maintainable web development.

Hence we can say that you can easily use java for web development and Java is one of the best programming language created ever. So many developers around the world are so much passionate to work as Java developer.

There are several advantages for choosing Java for web application development. Let’s discuss all of those reasons why you should choose Java for web development.

Pros Of Java

This is one of the best reason to choose Java for web development. Java enables developers to write once and use or reuse the code anywhere. This is one of the most important feature and benefit of Java which makes it highly portable and thus it can be used in multi-platform applications easily. Therefore, businesses don’t have to worry about changing hardware or operating systems and they no longer have to face the hassle and cost of resolving the incompatibility of existing software written in Java. This is one of the most important benefit of Java programming languages over the languages which are still platform dependent.


So many developers go for java web application development because they find Java to be highly secure. Java has many inbuilt security features like advanced authentication, cryptography and access control which made it highly useful for web development. Using these features, a developer can use its comprehensive API including secure login mechanisms, digital signatures, cyphers, creating custom security policy and more.


Top java web development firm also prefers Java as it has rich set of APIs. This is an important benefit as these so many APIs are freely available to so many of the Java developers. Java provides APIs for networking, I/O, XML parsing, database connection, utilities and almost everything which you can think about. The rest topics are covered by open source libraries such as Apache POI, Apache Commons, Jackson, Google Guava and many others.


Good thing about Java is that it is being used in all kinds of real world applications which will definitely give confidence to Java developers. For example: – Java is used in many famous websites like,, and Java is best for developing any kind of enterprise web application in almost any industry including healthcare, manufacturing and financial services. Java is even ideal for latest technologies like IoT, Cloud development, AI, Data Mining, Games, Smart devices and applications based on AR/VR.


Java is one of the best language to develop web applications because it has excellent developer tools and IDE freely available in the market to ensure higher productivity. NetBeans and Eclipse are the two most popular IDE to develop Java applications. There are also many other free and open source tools and plugins available to do any kind of Java programming and testing the Java applications.


Java has the multi-threading capability hence applications written in Java can manage multiple users or threads at the same time. Hence the developers don’t have to execute the multiple copies of the code on the same hardware as Java helps to create as many threads within a single copy of the software as required by the application. A multithreaded environment supported by Java also provides a user with faster response time, less issues, multiple operations, better performance and faster concurrent access.


Java is highly scalable as the software solutions which are built using Java can handle increased load of work easily. This can be higher request rates, larger data sets etc. Java can adapt to the needs of the web application and provides the developer the capability to scale itself both vertically and horizontally as per the new requirements. This means that whenever you want to improve the response time and the performance of your web application, you need to add minimal and simple codes.


One of the main reason for the popularity of Java is that it is an Object Oriented Programming language. For web development this feature is highly desirable as an OOP application is easier to manage and code and it keeps the system modular, flexible and scalable. Objects created in Java can be reused across the application. Also the reusability of software lowers the cost of application development.


One of the biggest benefit of Java programming language is that it has a huge community around it which often interacts via so many online forums, groups and also through physical conferences, seminars etc. These community members help, support and share their knowledge with each other. Java has so many active forums, Stack Overflow, open source organizations and several Java groups to help in almost everything related to Java. There are communities to help beginners, intermediate and even expert Java developers. Java openly promotes the trend of taking and giving back to the community. There are so many open source Java developers who contribute a lot to the community as a developer or as a tester.

Cons Of Java
1. Java’s performance.

If we compare Java programs to those written in С or C++ which are natively compiled, it’s easily noticed that they are much slower.

2. Its memory.

In Java, the memory is managed through garbage collection, so anytime the garbage collector works, it deteriorates the way the app performs. The main reason for that is that the garbage collector works only when all other threads are not working.

3. Costs for the commercial license.

Since 2019 Oracle expects the users to pay for Java Standard Edition 8 when used for purposes such as business, commerce and production. So when you need updates and bug fixing, you’ll be charged by the number of users you have or for the processor. It hurts a lot when you start counting the new costs.

4. The look is not native (desktop).

Programmers utilize a variety of tools special for each language in order to build the graphical user interface, GUI for short. Of course, we shouldn’t forget about Android Studio, which was initially designed for Android mobile development so the apps both feel and look native. Therefore, as soon as the conversation goes to the user interface of desktop programs, Java is certainly lagging behind and you’ll have to conduct really thorough research to find a tool that will be just fine to create your graphical user interface.

5. Java’s verbosity makes the code rather complicated.

Java implies that one needs to use many words used as it’s quite similar to the natural language of humans a lot. The developers almost literally write down their commands and thoughts so the code is drastically huge (especially when compared to Python).


Python is a high-level language that has gained immense popularity in recent years. It also supports object-oriented programming. This is unlike Java which is purely an object-oriented programming language.

One of the attributes that make Python an alternative to Java is the ease of use. As a scripting language, you should not expect any complex issue with regards to the syntax of the language. Python has the ability to connect the system components. This is unlike Java which is usually regarded as a low-level implementation language.

Despite the simplicity, Python is an equally powerful programming language. There are lots of things that you can build using it.


Despite being a new programming language, Kotlin has grown to the most preferred Java alternative. Most developers who were previously depending on Java have switched to Kotlin. The fact that t Kotlin can run on Java Virtual Machine (JVM) means that it has all that it takes to outsmart Java.

The good thing about Kotlin is its interoperability with Java. Both the Kotlin and Java codes can coexist in one project. After compiling, it will be difficult to distinguish which part of the project was coded with Kotlin and which one used Java.

Kotlin has simple syntax and is easy to code. If you are tired of writing several lines of code in Java, Kotlin is the way to go. With this language, you will be able to execute big moves using very few lines of codes. We cannot ignore the fact that Kotlin has a shorter learning curve than Java.

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