What are memes

A meme is a concept ,joke ,humour, phase,lines that are shared online on various sites for humorous purpose it can be in a form of image, video, gif, text and many more which are typically humorous in nature that is made copied and spread ,shared rapidly by the internet users  with  variations.

A meme is an idea , behievour or style that is spread by means of imitation from person to person with a culture and often carries a meaning representing a particular theme .

What is memes marketing?

Meme marketing is a subset of a viral marketing which is a practice of using mediums like word of mouth and social media network to fulfill  marketing Goals  it is used by users to promote there brands or for creating fast news and content  and it the most effective way of providing information to the public which they love to read and share and make your product a brand.  On social media. It is most helpful for  the  institution.

Memes for social media marketing…

Memes marketing is one of the most powerful social media marketing strategies today.in fast growing world  .they are the most popular forms of expression online.as in modern era most of users are using internet and social media so its easy to promote your brands by memes marketing

Reason to include memes in your social media content

On social media memes usually take the form of gif or static picture  playing on a familiar theme  meaning and phenomenon  often with text layered on top of the image

Memes are in expensive
Memes support a sense of community
Why to use memes in marketing

Memes create/ support brands

Memes markets your product

Memes are   funny which is liked by all

Memes are most shared on social media

Tips…for memes

Make sure the memes matches your brand voice

Develop your meme library

Create original content memes

Make as  its easy to understand..

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