At first, since it is 30th June on the day of draft we would like to wish you’ll a Happy World’s Social Media Day.

There are various aspects of social media where statistics convey a lot and allows you to learn more. So following are various aspects mentioned below:

  • General social media statistics
  • Social channel statistics
  • Social video statistics
  • User behavior statistics
  • Influencer marketing statistics
  • Social engagement statistics

This is what a big picture of social media seems to be,



General Social Media Statistics

  • 2 billion people use social media, every day.
  • If you operate a global brand, look east. Farther east – to Asia
  • And, despite the already overwhelming use of social media, new users are logging on every day.

Social Channel Statistics

No, since there are approx. 20 social channels it is probably not possible for a marketer to focus and work efficiently on all of them.

  • Facebook leads the market. By far.
  • If talked about marketing power! YouTube is the second-most visited website in the world, while Facebook takes the coveted third slot.
  • Instagram Stories are a rising star of social media.
  • Marketers spend the vast (VAST) majority of their efforts + money on Instagram.
  • And the award for social dark horse goes to… Pinterest!
  • Do not discount the importance of Twitter marketing.
  • On average, Twitter users report a higher average education than users from any other social network.
  • And while we’re on the subject of Twitter, this is the channel to reach Millennials.
  • People love to share, share, share, share, share, share, SHARE! If you haven’t enabled one-click sharing and messaging, you’re missing out big-time.

Social video statistics

  • Your video is nearly worthless if it’s not captioned.
  • If you want to encourage shares, then you must create video content.
  • If you’re looking to convert Pinterest users to customers, then you should be producing more videos.

User behavior statistics

One of the first steps toward better social media marketing is knowing your audience. Who are they, what do they care about, and where do they socialize online?

  • Millennials are the most active social media users but don’t count out Gen X or even the Baby Boomers. Yeah, we said Baby Boomers.
  • In 2020, young adults are prolific users of social media.
  • Speaking of, think older users don’t engage with brands online? Myth, unwrapped.
  • Users are addicted to social.
  • Survey says ads are becoming more relevant

Social Media Marketing Statistics

  • This is not a one-marketer show; you probably need a team to master your social media efforts.
  • You can no longer avoid it: Social media marketing ranges from “somewhat effective” to “very effective” for business.
  • You’re not living your best marketing life unless you’re making efforts on social.
  • In 2020, you’re almost required to invest some marketing pennies (Rs.) in social media.
  • Social media isn’t just for the big-spenders, either.
  • If you’re looking to get more customers, social ads offer one of your best chances.

Influencer marketing statistics

  • Consumers rely on influencer recommendations. REALLY rely on them.
  • Worried about ROI? Influencer marketing can deliver solid returns.
  • Looking to make a greater and more meaningful impact (with the help of influencers)? Head on over to Instagram.

Social Engagement Statistics

  • You’re not doing social if you’re not doing social for smartphones.
  • Your customers are researching your business online.
  • Make people happy, and they’ll become your brand ambassadors.
  • Social media is the right channel to grow your fan base and boost loyalty.

I Hope, these statistics allow you to understand that doing what can make you a part of a trend on social media and hence engage with the day by day increasing customer pool more impactfully.



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