How to Find Royalty and Copyright free images

Free images – totally free, royalty free, no copyright and no ...

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is why all the web-developers and bloggers use images to grab attention of their readers. In this article i will provide you a list of sources from where you can find these images.

  1. Pixabay
    Pixabay is a popular website for royalty, and copyright free images. It has many amazing filters and a good search engine which provdes an amazing user experience.
  2. Unsplash
    It is a well-known source for finding royalty free images.It has a good search feature, that can be used to find images matching certain themes like nature, office, work, etc. It also provides a extension for browsers which shows a new and random images in the background of your browser.
  3. Public Domain Pictures
    It has a very large collection of royalty free images.You can find images by using its search feature, you can browse images from its collection.
  4. WikiMedia Commons
    A project of wikimedia foundations, It has a large library of images, audio, and video files that are free to use.Some images may have a creative commons license requiring attribution.Please check before using them.
  5. PDPics
    This website also provides a large collection of public domain images. At first glance it might look like a basic website, but it has a neatly curated sections from which you can browse images.

Once you have found the image that you are looking for, you can crop and edit those images using your favorite image editing program. Don’t forget to save your images optimized for web because it will help speed up your site.


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