How many email services do you know or have ever used..??

Not much right.?

We often have a habit of using a particular service which is often well known or which has less or no complexity to handle.




Well, the above icons are all well-known mailing software used by people either for personal use or for corporate workings. Now, what if the mail that is used between two or more parties carrying certain data of there use, allows you to market your business by putting information about the business, offers, product or service description, etc.

Actually, it’s a great deal for you because it allows you to reach in the mailbox of many customers and market your business free of cost, this kind of marketing is known as Email Marketing.

It can be done in multiple ways and even with different goals. Of them all, we will look at how Seasonal Campaign can help us market via the use of email.

The term “Seasonal Campaign” charges us to think of a campaign that is run in the season phase of a business.

Ex: A shop dealing in electronics will have its season during Diwali festival hence to make business in that season they can take help of email marketing few months prior to it so that at the time of peak season they had reached to a large pool of customers and hence it will not create a rush at the end moment.

These types of email marketing campaigns can have a buildup before the event and a follow-up after—meaning you have several opportunities to send an email.

This period’s especially important for retail. According to the National Retail Federation, holiday sales account for 20% of all retail sales. In the US alone, those sales were worth more than $84 billion.

Here are some things to consider when planning your season campaign:

  • Know the holidays in the country you are promoting. This is a great way to segment your list.
  • Start early. People are bombarded over the holidays so make sure you’re the first one to reach their inbox.
  • Make sure the colors as well as the language matches the theme of the holiday.
  • Give them an exclusive discount for the holiday. This is a critical reason why holiday marketing is effective.
  • Use urgency. One of the main reasons email marketing works well is that they are for a limited amount of time.

Usually, most businesses don’t understand the importance of this kind of marketing on a personal level but big giants use this kind of marketing to reach their customers and hence make a healthy bond with them which benefits them in long term also.



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