Social media marketing is a part of online marketing in which the content is created and shared on social media network to achieve branding and marketing goals. Text, image updates videos and other content are posted on social media where most of the people are engaged. Social media marketing is the best way for all types of business to make their online presence and reach new customers and build a great customer base. Business can achieve a great success on marketing their product, brand and services on social media which helps in driving leads and sales. The major social media platforms are Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest. Many social media platforms have daya analytic tools through which they can see the progress and success of the company and engagement of ad campaign. Firms allow customer and different internet users to post comments and product reviews on social media platform. The post on the social media should not be constantly about product or services but you should also post to build a responsible and a positive image of your brand.
1.Low cost: This is one of the key advantages of social media marketing over traditional marketing and even other forms of digital marketing. Social media platforms are free to join and equally free to connect with potential customers and pages.
2.Big audience: Promoting your products, brand or company on social media platform helps us to reach millions of people. It breaks down all the demographic barriers such as age, gender, caste and social status.
3.Interaction: Social media marketing was built upon interaction, which is a hallmark of social media. Proper interaction van be done on social media platform between business and customer which is not there in traditional form of marketing. Clients can ask questions and give relevant feedback on social media and these interaction can generate a profitable result for any business.
1.Time consuming: Marketing on social media is not done only at one time. You have to constantly get engaged with your audience, post updated information, and new content. It is very challenging to manage by small business having small marketing department and having limited resources. If you do not have time and people to run your marketing strategy then your marketing campaign will suffer.
2.Negativity: On social media people can share both type of experience- positive and negative. If some have bad experience then they are free to share there bad experience with others. After leaving negative feedback when someone checks your business profile they will see all the review and negative feedback as well.
3.Delay return: Social media marketing is a long term investment. In traditional marketing results are expected quickly but in social media marketing results are delayed.


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