What are Royalty Free and Copyright free Images ? 

Most images you see online are made freely available by the owner or the creator for others to view and share on personal level.And by downloading that image you don’t receive the editorial rights to use them in commercial projects. Though it is possible for you to buy the licence at a hefty price !. So this makes most images online of no use if you want to start a blog or design a website , as for a person who is just starting ,the price of licence might be too much .
Royalty/Copyright free images and other content are free to use for specific or all intent and purposes and the user cannot be charged with any royalty or fees . That means “Some Creators” choose not to own their content exclusively and make it free for all ! .

Hefty prices of licensed content


Where do you find “Free” images ?

From now on rather that saying “Royalty/Copyright free images” we would just use free images. So as of today various websites have come up to help creators by providing with platform to search and download specifically free images . We are gonna share some with you here :-

Freepik.com being on of the oldest in the game might be a one stop solution for everyone with basic to moderate needs .It has content and images ranging from just plain backgrounds to complex infographics templates .Freepik boasts a simple UI and an option to support the original creator if the user wishes so, hence providing incentives for creators to keep working as well . 

Pixbay.com is what you can say the more artistic one with the focus more on abstract and stock wallpapers and vectors .With over 1.7 Million freely downloadable content it has one of the biggest free stock content available . And now with the addition of a free sounds and music as well it is a complete free for all content destination .

Pexels.com is more like a photoshop artist’s paradise ! Want to add a little bit jazz to you picture? Clouds seem too boring to you , just set out on the hunt for a free image of dramatic clouds and there you go you have just added a little drama to your picture . Pexels allows you to download picture in crazy high resolutions so good quality pictures and that too for free …. Well this blog is getting just better and better .

Bonus content

  • When you are struggling for design ideas scorch websites like Pinterest.in and see what other people are doing around the world , don’t copy as per say but just a poster can be an inspiration for a whole website theme (I got one idea from a business card so you can try it out).
  • When in a hurry and dont have time to fire up photoshop or coral draw for a flyer or banner use Canva.com to design your content . Its has thousands of templates suiting your needs but use it only as a last resort as a canva design may be spotted on the first look

Well I hope this post helps you ! Cheers stay safe


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