Top 3 features of video SEO with TubeBuddy

  1. Tag Explorer


Crucial to any SEO effort, you’ll need quality keywords. You’ll need to know who’s ranking for short-tail tags, and where the opportunities lie with long-tail tags.


With this tool, you can begin to plan, or retroactively optimize, your post with valuable tags. Upon running a search in the tag explorer, you’ll be presented with keyword difficulty, search volume, competition, and even given the chance to “borrow” the tags used in top ranking videos. While you’re at it, why not see who’s ranking number one for that tag?




  1. Suggested Tags tool


Once you’ve developed your keywords using the tag explorer and identified your opportunities, let TubeBuddy do the rest. Did you know you can have up to 500 characters in your video tags? Use TubeBuddy’s ‘Suggested Tags’ feature and fill in as many relevant long-tail tags as possible.


This feature will return results based on your existing tags and suggest additional tags to optimize your video. Find viewers on the fringe using this tool and take full advantage of your tag limit. Next to each term, you’ll see a score chart indicating the potential difficulty of ranking for that tag.




  1. Video A/B tests


Sometimes, you might not really know what the most enticing title looks like, or you might want to experiment with a couple different thumbnails to see which gains the most clicks. With TubeBuddy you can do just that, using up to 2 variations at a time.


Using different metrics, like engagement and CTR, TubeBuddy will pick a winner from your two variations. This is completely hands-free and customizable.




Other cool features from TubeBuddy:


Animated GIF generator

Canned responses for comments

Custom short links with click tracking

Backups and export

vidIQ Vision Chrome extension

The Vision chrome extension from vidIQ offers many similar tools as TubeBuddy, but they have a much bigger emphasis on insights. You will not find as many productivity

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