Automation Testing

Most emerging web technologies are aimed to make the development process cheaper and provide users with the best experience. Development stages automation is the tool on how to reach the first aim. Machine learning and AI approach allow us to build complex projects with a small team or with fewer development experts, while product test automation helps us to check whether our product is ready for the deployment or not.

Test automation has numerous benefits. It leads to the best testing coverage, transparency, and tech problem detection. 

The approach also helps the development team collect test cases and learn from them, reduce development costs (up to 20%), and reduce test cycle time in general. In other words, with test automation, you will get a better end product for less money.

Why latest web development technology such as test automation is so important in 2020? The answer is digital environment becomes more and more competitive. If you are faster than your competitors and the quality of your product is better — you will win.


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