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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of getting targeted traffic to a website from a search engine’s organic rankings. SEO is all about improving a site’s rankings in the organic (non-paid) section of the search results.The main benefit of ranking for a specific keyword is that you can get “free” traffic to your site.When you search for something in any search engine an algorithm works in real-time to bring you what that search engine considers the best result.

Let’s take an example of world’s most popular search engine; Google scans its index of hundreds of billions of pages in order to find a set of results that will best answer your search.

How does Google determine the “best” result?

Web pages are ranked based on:

Relevancy- Content Relevance is used to point out how relevant a website is in relation to a particular search topic or term. Topic relevance is of absolute importance for SEO.

Authority- Authority is the qualitative measure which strengthens the overall visibility and ranking of a website

Trust- Google’s trust factor is a combination of many factors that they use to apply a value of how trustful a site is. The more trustful a site is seen the more likely its articles will be ranked higher on specific Google searches.

Organic vs. Paid Results

Search engine result pages are separated into two distinct sections: organic and paid results.

Organic Search Results

Organic search results are natural results that rank based totally on merit.of content.

In other words, there’s no need to pay Google or other search engines in order to rank higher in the organic search results.

Paid Results

Paid search results are ads that appear on top of or underneath the organic results.Paid ads are completely independent of the organic listings. Advertisers in the paid results section are ranked  by how much they’re are willing to pay for a single visitor from a particular set of search results known as Pay per Click Advertising.

How SEO works?

SEO works by optimizing your site for the search engine that you want to rank for, whether it’s Google, Bing, Amazon or YouTube. Specifically, your job is to make sure that a search engine sees your site as the overall best result for a person’s search. It is about making your website’s ranking better in the organic and unpaid form of search results.  It includes create quality content, specific keywords, building back links, optimizing the content and keywords, etc.

Types of SEO

There are 7 types of SEO such as White Hat SEO, Black hat SEO, Negative SEO, Grey hat SEO

technical seo

But Three Major classifications are –

On-Page SEO- All the measures you take to make your web page rank higher on search engine results pages (SERP) falls under On-Page SEO.This type of SEO includes:

  • Keyword research:The simple goal of keyword research is to find out what your target audience is searching and what it will take to actually rank for those keywords.Without knowing what keywords you should be targeting, how will you effectively optimize your website, target phrases for link building, or know what content to develop for your audience.
  • Content creation: Publishing high-quality content focused on target keywords
  • Keyword optimization:Keyword research is the process of finding and analyzing actual search terms that people enter into search engines. The insight you can get into these actual search terms can help inform content strategy, as well as your larger marketing strategy.keyword optimization is important as by using relevant keywords your website traffic can increase drastically.

Off-Page SEO- This refers to everything you do outside of your site to fare better and feature higher up in Google’s SERPs.

  • Link Building – Link building refers to the marketing efforts to get links from other websites to your website. It’s seen as one of the most powerful tools to achieve higher rankings for your site in search engines. If a lot of high-quality links lead to a certain page, search engines will consider it a popular or meaningful article, and, therefore, they’ll rank it higher.
  • Social Media Marketing- A strong social presence builds authority and reputation. It creates brand fans, spreads your content online, and drives people back to your site. This increases your site traffic and views, which does have a proven correlation to improve SEO.

Technical SEO-It is largely to help Google bots successfully crawl, interpret and index all the pages of your site for future use.

The types of SEO included in this category relate to:

  • Site speed
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Indexing
  • Crawlability
  • Site architecture
  • Structured data
  • Security.

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