Using technology innovations, industrial companies are beginning to drive new levels of performance and productivity. And while cloud computing is a major enabler of industrial transformation, edge computing is rapidly becoming a key part of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) equation to accelerate digital transformation.

Edge computing brings the capabilities of cloud close to the end-user or end-device. There are debates around edge computing vs fog computing. In reality, the two have similar objectives. A small difference is that fog computing can include running intelligence on the end-device and is more Internet of Things (IoT) focused.

Edge compute is a physical compute infrastructure that is positioned on the spectrum between the device and the hyperscale cloud, supporting various applications. Edge computing brings processing capabilities closer to the end user/device/source of data which eliminates the journey to the cloud data centre and reduces latency.

Edge computing is not a new concept, but several trends have come together to create an opportunity to help industrial organizations turn massive amounts of machine-based data into actionable intelligence closer to the source of the data.

Why edge computing matters?

There are several reasons for the growing adoption of edge computing:

  • The increasing use of mobile computing and “the internet of things” devices;
  • The decreasing cost of hardware.
  • Internet of Things devices require a high response time and considerable bandwidth for proper operation.
  • The constant movement of large quantities of data back and forth is beyond reasonable cost-effectiveness.
  • On the other hand, processing data on the spot, and then sending valuable data to the center, is a far more efficient solution.


The adoption of cloud computing brought data analytics to a new level. The interconnectivity of the cloud-enabled a more thorough approach to capturing and analyzing data. With edge computing, things have become even more efficient. As a result, the quality of business operations has become higher.Edge computing is a viable solution for data-driven operations that require lightning-fast results and a high level of flexibility, depending on the current state of things.


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