8 Examples of Brilliant Instagram Marketing

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has taken the world by storm. It seems like everyone — and their dog — is on the platform.

You may have also noticed the increase in brands who’ve developed a presence on the platform. But is Instagram worth their time, and should your business also be on the platform

It’s clear that Instagram isn’t just for personal use anymore — whether for you or your dog. It’s now a global platform that allows brands to humanize their content, recruit new talent, showcase products, and inspire their audience.

Moreover, Instagram users aren’t just active — they’re engaged. More than half of the platform’s active users visit the site daily, and 35% say they check it multiple times a day.

Instagram can also help you grow your brand awareness and introduce new products. 70% of Instagram users have spent time searching for a brand on the platform. Instagram allows you to promote your brand and product in a friendly, authentic way without hard selling to your customers.

Even with all these Instagram statistics, you may still be unsure of how to get started. We know the platform can be a little intimidating at first, and that’s why we’ve created this guide.

How to make an Instagram business account

Step 1: Download the Instagram app

  • For iOS
  • For Android

Step 2: Sign up

  • Open the app.
  • Tap Create New Account (on iOS) or Sign Up With Email or Phone Number (on Android).
  • Enter your email or phone number.
  • Create your username and password.
  • Fill out your profile info  and tap Done.

Step 3: Switch to a business account

  • Tap Settings, then Account.
  • Connect your account to your Facebook business page, if you have one.
  • Add your business details.
  • Tap Done.


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