Every social media platform, newspaper or any other communication mediums are using and utilizing memes to make their content more compelling, humorous and relatable to the common public.

Known for their catchy, funny and self relatable humor, memes that started as inside and sarcastic jokes, now being used by big brands, organizations, newspapers, small businesses, and celebrities to build a huge fan following and engage them on a daily basis.

This whole phenomenon has started a trend of meme marketing, and marketers in every spectrum are going crazy to customize their marketing strategy as per the current meme trends

Meme Marketing

Meme (pronounced as meam) is an element of culture whose styles, concepts, and behavior can be indefinitely imitated. But when we talk about internet meme, it refers to a humorous image or video having a definite style and concept which usually go viral on the internet. The style and the concept of the image stay the same whereas the copy changes.

What is Viral Marketing

Meme marketing is a subset of viral marketing which is a practice of using mediums like word of mouth and social media networks to fulfill marketing goals.It is the practice of using users to promote a brand or product by creating appealing, engaging, and fast-spreading news or content

Why Do Memes Go Viral On The Internet

Unlike other usual images, memes have their own names (The Success Kid, Bad Luck Brian, Overly Attached Girlfriend, etc.) and positioning in the minds of the users. Memes are precise, spread through social networking websites and have a recall value.

Why should you go for Meme Marketing

Users consume huge quantities of memes on daily basis; hence, memes make a great way by which marketers can catch and keep audience’s attention. They have become the latest weapon for marketers because of its ability to communicate the story without the use of many words and their ability to spread fast throughout the internet like forest fires. Memes reach and connect with audience beyond the conventional methods.

Being cost effective, easy to create and offering a good ROI, meme marketing has given the much-needed glow up to advertising, bringing about a revolution in digital marketing.

How to Integrate Meme in Marketing Strategies?

A good marketer always tries to capitalize on the current trend. Memes, being a trend of the decade, can prove to be beneficial for your company.Memes are useful as they result in benefits like more impressions, page likes, website visits, etc. for a company.

One should keep these two factors while creating and sharing memes.


Make a meme with which majority of your target audience can relate to or are interested in. This will not only increase the share ability of that meme but would also result in you getting loyal followers on the internet.

Correct Visuals

Correct visuals play a very important part in a meme.Though not a norm, it’s advisable to use a popular visual as that concept has an existing positioning in the minds of the consumer and can result in users identifying with it.

How to Get Started with Memes?

Well, there are two simple ways to get started. One is by creating your own meme and another is by using the current memes let’s look one by one –


Memejacking (simply reusing the popular memes) – is the practice of reusing  the popular memes for the use of your brand, organization or positively influencing the audience.

Benefits of Reusing The Popular Memes

  • They are already great content for the social platforms
  • They will work like magnets for engagements, likes, and traffic
  • Quick and easy to create because you already have the concept
Create Your Own

Creating your original memes are kind of hard to do because it’s not already popular and you will have to derive your own concept from scratch. Also, you have to match the concept with your brand aura and the elements built by your brand till now!

how to create creative and highly fascinated memes from scratch?

  • Research Properly
  • Fragment The Audience
  • Use Tools Like Google Trends, BuzzSumo, Google Alerts, etc
  • Be Creative
  • Include Humour
  • Be Sarcastic
  • Relate it with the Common Issues
  • Use your wit in the caption
  • Always Play with Hashtags

Benefits of Meme Marketing-

It is Free:

The biggest and most attractive benefit of meme is that “it is absolutely free”. You don’t need to pay even a single cent to create a meme. There are lots of online websites who provide free service to generate memes online.

It is Easy to Create:

You don’t need technical knowledge to generate your meme, there are various meme generators available on internet just go on them  and search which kind of image you want to use for your meme (you can use your own image as well) select the best image according to your needs and put the text you want to show in your meme then click on generate button and your meme is ready to share.

Memes Help to Establish Emotional Connection with Audience:

Usually people love to generate funny and emotional memes because these kinds of memes help to establish emotional connection with audience. When you build emotional connection with audience it will help you to go viral easily. To build an emotional connection with your audience you need to use perfect image with perfect content or quote.

They’re Already Viral:

Meme is not a new thing now; different people are using it for different purposes. Some people are using it for humor and marketers are using it for business purposes. So memes are already famous and why not use the marketing method which is already famous and effective?

Helpful to Get New likes, Followers and Fans:

People love to share interesting memes and when your memes go viral definitely you have chances to get new likes, followers and fans. Funny and emotional memes with interesting content help a lot to bring new likes on facebook & followers and fans on Twitter and Google Plus which means, you are growing on social media sites.

Meme Advertising and Marketing – Precautions

As per the various theories on the internet, there are almost 0% possibilities of copyright issues when creating a meme, but it’s always good to take care of such things in advance.

Below are some of the best practices for creating the meme content

  • Always check for the license of the media you are going to use
  • Establish a clear policy about how your brand wants to use the meme
  • Be careful and try not to indulge in a meme war with another brand


Some popular examples of memes-

Yes Kid meme


drakeposting meme


The distracted boyfriend meme






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