Web Development Language: PHP

How to make a go-back button with PHP code? | MiltonMarketing.comPHP is one of the best languages for Web Development. Although it faces good competition from other languages like JavaScript and Python, there is still with PHP in the market today. Besides, PHP i a huge requirement for professionals who can works a dynamic and general-purpose language that is used in the development of server-side applications. It is maintained by an open-source platform that can work across Mac, UNIX, and Windows systems.

Significant features of PHP:
  • PHP is a highly productive programming language used in the field of Web Development.
  • It is vastly used in the web industry to build and deploy applications at a rapid pace.
  • Facebook, one of the most popular and prominent social media applications, is developed using PHP.
Pros of PHP:
  • Offers plenty of frameworks
  • Easy to use in developing web pages
  • Has the Xdebug extension that provides great debugging
  • Offers a massive ecosystem, along with great community support
  • Supports several automation tools for applications’ testing and deploying
  • Supports functional and object-oriented programming paradigms
Cons of PHP:
  • Building a web page using only PHP can be slower when compared to other languages.
  • It lacks security and error handling features.
Use cases of PHP:
  • Building (CMS) systems
  • Development of standalone web apps
  • Development of server-side web apps

Alternatives of PHP:

1. Java Script

Node.js is currently the hottest technology in web development; it’s a run-time environment for Javascript on the server side, simply put, it allows Javascript to be used for server-side development. Now, this wouldn’t be enough to make it as popular as it is, the real state-of-art in this technology is the fact that it runs asynchronous code on the server.

2. Python

Believe it or not, Python is now being used more than PHP in server-side development, and for good reasons too. The Django framework is currently very famous among beginners and professionals alike.

3. Ruby

Ruby is a powerful dynamic language, that is extremely beginner-friendly and focuses on simplicity and productivity. There’s an ongoing debate on whether it’s easier than Python or not, but let’s just say they are of approximately the same level.

4. C#

Microsoft’s products for web development might not be the get-go for many developers and aren’t really the most popular either. However, they are a strong option in terms of features and performance.

5. GO

Go is a rich compiled programming language built by Google, and is said to be even simpler than Python. It’s a concurrent programming language and since its compiled as well, this contributes to making it a speedy language for web development.



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