HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are two of the core web scripting languages for building web pages and web applications. HTML provides the structure of web pages whereas CSS is mainly used to control the styling and layout (visual and aural) of web pages. HTML provides tags that are surrounding the content of any web page elements.CSS is the style sheet language for describing the presentation and design of web pages including colors, fonts, and layouts.

HTML vs CSS:What’s the difference?

If HTML is the skeleton of your page, CSS is the skin.

Without CSS, your websites would look rather boring, dull, and, dare we say, naked. In CSS, there is a property and a valueProperty is the quality you want to change; value is the amount of change. HTML can exist on its own, CSS cannot, but together is where the magic happens. We can say that HTML is the noun; CSS is the verb.


Advantages of HTML and CSS


  1.  First advantage it is widely used.
  2. Every browser supports HTML language.
  3. Easy to learn and use.
  4.  It is by default in every windows so you don’t need to purchase extra software.


  1. The main benefit of CSS is that style is applied consistently across a number of web pages.
  2. Cascading style sheet not only simplifies website development, but also maintenance.
  3. Just a few lines of code is all that is required to make changes to a large number of pages on the website with CSS.
  4. CSS serves the purpose here by making your web pages more responsive so that they end up displaying in the same manner on all devices.

Disadvantages of HTML and CSS


  1. It can create only static and plain pages so if we need dynamic pages then HTML
    is not useful.
  2. Need to write lot of code for making simple webpage.
  3.  Security features are not good in HTML.
  4. If we need to write long code for making a webpage then it produces some complexity.


  1. CSS works differently on different browsers.
  2. There are multiple levels of CSS such as CSS, CSS 2, CSS 3. This can create confusion for non-developers and beginners.


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