Email newsletters are the most common type of emails in email marketing. As the name suggests, they often contain news and updates, aiming to keep the audience engaged. At the same time, they are designed to gently push users towards the conversion.    

Email newsletters are an email communication sent out to inform your audience of the latest news, tips, or updates about your product or company. They are often used for a variety of purposes–and they come in many different forms. Some are weekly digests of content, some are quarterly organization updates, and others promote new products. The point of email newsletter to keep the subscribers connected to keep them informed about what’s going on in organisation.

Some marketers claim that newsletters are not much of a leap to set up, but newsletters that are created with attention to detail are sure to pay off.

Purpose of Email Newsletter:

  • These emails have nothing to do with selling but they are all about building customer loyalty .
  • Email newsletters usually contain useful tips, guides, checklists with links to original articles and posts where users can study the subject in detail. This way, they can easily increase traffic to their website or blog.
  • You can share a detailed guide on how to use your service more effectively or offer your recipients a case study of one of your successful clients. If this material looks reasonable to your audience, those who haven’t yet decided to buy will have more reasons to do this which will increase sales.
  • If you share valuable and unique content, your subscribers will wait for your next email newsletter. They will associate your brand’s logo and sender name with the positive experiences they get from your emails. This is one of the steps to build brand image.
  • You can easily promote your social media profile my sending links through email newsletter.  Mention why your account is worth following and tell the recipients what information you share in social media.

A great digital marketing plan relies on a solid strategy made up of various communications channels. However, email continues to be the glue that holds these various channels together. In fact, a well-designed newsletter that offers targeted messages to customers based on their preferences and behavior can be a powerful driver of sales and ultimately, brand loyalty.


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