Storytelling is an important component of online content. Much like copywriting it’s a way of turning bland, forgettable blog posts and web pages into captivating content pieces. Storytelling has become a crucial component in online marketing.

An Effective Way to create Connections:

  • Stories are weaved into the fabric of human history. They have been used to pass on information for thousands of years by people from all kinds of backgrounds, cultures and communities.
  • The reason why this works is because storytelling turns abstract ideas into something we can understand.
  • Stories are also how we make sense of the world (through our personal narrative) and can thus mold our thinking and behavior.
  • Instead of boring technical jargon, they give you a simple-to-grasp image of how this product makes your life better.
  • Storytelling creates trust.
  • It creates intimacy, connection, and understanding. As a consequence, it brings readers closer to you, helps them get to know you better and on a deeper level. This creates a conversation and a relationship that is based on more than just trying to sell.
  • Storytelling is a great tool to create an emotional response in your audience. You can make them feel humor, nostalgia, anger, sadness, hope, inspiration and more. A good story is like a rollercoaster right through your brain’s emotional center.
  • If you can tell a good and captivating story with your online content, you can get people to jump on your email list, buy your product or donate to your charity.

Storytelling is an effective tool in the content marketer’s belt. It allows you to communicate information in a way that is engaging, memorable, and touches on readers’ emotions. Stories are a central part of human existence, a great connector and way to inspire and move others to action.


Ankit verma · July 2, 2020 at 6:20 pm

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